Luxury? Yes, and Most Logical.

Hydronic heating is the definition of heating luxury. It also has a range of benefits that make it the most logical choice to efficiently and economically heat your home.

Radiant and Ambient Heat

Water is very good at receiving, holding and distributing heat. Far better than air.

Air-forced systems pump hot air into a room until the thermostat temperature is met (often it is one thermostat for an entire house). The heat source will cut out when the selected temperature is reached, waiting for a fairly drastic fall to kick back in. Then more hot air is pumped in an endless cycle of uneven and gust driven circulation. Given that hot air rises, most of the energy you use to power this warmth goes straight up to the ceiling.

With clever placement of radiators and a full underfloor weave, you will have total control of your ambient temperature. Ambient means the heat radiates from and into the walls and floor, as the water heats the slab this has an accumulative effect creating a thermal mass. This means the heat lingers for longer and requires less energy input to sustain an even temperature, even in the coldest conditions. Warm floors on cold mornings is also the pinnacle of Louis the fifth luxury.

No fans—Allergy free, peace and quiet.

Zero noise and flow of air—a gigantic benefit to allergy sufferers. A simple look inside the duct that delivers the air you breathe, can be all that is needed to ditch the ducted system. With hydronic heating there are no swept-up particles in your air, for allergy sufferers this is a major advantage. No noisy fans, no ducts or drafts just silent, controlled circulation of warmth.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, a hydronic heating system requires very little upkeep and will run for years with little to no maintenance.

Safe and Friendly – Idiot Proof

Radiant heat means the panels never get too hot. Gentle warmth means silly Mr/s Pet can even sit on top of radiator units.


Less moving parts, less things to go wrong, dependable as the flowing stream.

Easy on the Planet

Efficiency and consistency go a long way towards a low carbon footprint. Make sure your heat source is environmentally sound to reap these benefits. A Heat Pump is the recommended choice. Other heat sources like gas or woodfired options have low efficiency and nasty carbon footprints.


Hydronic heating is the most efficient and cost-effective heating solution.

Modular / Versatile

Hydronic heating systems can be installed anywhere with a broad range of outputs, sources and options. See Components below.