Two Main Outputs of Heat

You’ve sorted out the best possible heat source for your system and are now planning the best possible way to distribute it throughout your soon to be toasty house.

Underfloor Piping Network – Radiant Heat Plus

No cold feet with in-slab warmth! A web of incoming and outgoing piping is laid beneath your feet inside the concrete foundation slab, creating a thermal mass and radiating heat up through your living space. This output method warms the entire space, comparing this to a ducted air system is impossible, they simply don’t do the same work. The whole space that you occupy is warmed and heated – from beneath the floor up.

Panels and Good Old-Fashioned Radiators

Using the magic of convection radiator panel units use convection to pull in cooler air and expel warmer air. Panels are the usual hydronic heating element of choice for retrofits and situations where a radiant system is unworkable. There is a huge selection to choose from and cover for specific function, like towel racks or even sculpture feature-art designs.

Both with One Pump

Smart heat pumps can manage more than one circuit at different temperatures. This means you can have both in-slab and panels or radiators combinations operating on one system.